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Rabbit Riah

Rabbits    are    mammals. They   are  fluffy   and   worm. Rabbits   have   big    ears.

biscit by alana

theis is my bisct I lic theem  the biscts ra pritay

rabbit lily

I lice rabbits becus they are fluffy.


frogs jump in worter anb they lay eegs in worter.

Rabbit by isla

this is a bunny rabit it can run fast and it can gump hiy

Rabbit by Lily

Rabbits have big  ears and they are fluffy.

rabbit by Ip

  this is a cute little rabbit. don’t you have a pet like this.  pets like rabbits are mammals.

rabbit by isla

I like rabbit and thay  hop.rabbit like kcarix.

fish by sophie

fish  can  swim   and   they   can  breeth   under   water. do   you   lic    goldfith   the   are   coot.

Rabbit by Mrs SS

This is a rabbit and it has long ears. Rabbits can jump and run fast. I like rabbits because they are fluffy. Rabbits are mammals.