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frog byevan

frogs can jump and thy can jump farst. frogs hav long legs.

blotit tit

blo tits ar buds and thay lay eggs.

biskit by harry

we had biskit on super heroday.

rabit jemima

I lik rabbits

rabbit by orla

are topic is animals I lice rabbit do you.

Rabbit by Arya

rabbit are mamls.Rabbit  lice cars.

frog chloe

I love frogs frogs are slimy frogs are amphibians they have free feet and green skin  

Blue tit by Elspeth

This is cute and blue. It is a pretty bird and it is called a blue tit. It is cool and blue.  

Rabbit by HoLLy

Rabbit s lice eating careat s. rabbit s ore flufiey.

batatos by connor

  this is batato man.