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How to make a pinhole camera-with a Pringles tube


500 wc Phoebe

  Darkness. Nothing but darkness. The room, cold with death, dark and gloomy, smelling of blood felt  familiar. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could see everything. I clenched my fists and moved over to a mirror. Bright green eyes stared back. I messed with my red hair. Where was I? I crept over to a window, I could hear the wind
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Phoebe,India, theo&sam


We Bought A Zoo! (Slow writing) Phoebe, Dan & Max

I turned my head slowly towards the frosted window.As i opened the plain white curtain, I saw the bright sun sat in the sky awaiting me.I could hear the birds singing to me.Audrey Brown was on the radio, she stated ”Finally the day has come where the brand new zoo will be opening”. I chuckled to myself and replied ”Yes it will be”.My son
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Yay! Greek Day was finally here. Everybody was dressed up in their Greek outfits and ready to start the day with some fun activity’s which included: A fun and amazing throwing contest; The Brilliant Marathon; An excellent game of Javelin etc. My Group were amazing and showed some great teamwork ( most of the time ). We also went around the school doing a grand
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100wc Phoebe wk#4

Crack, bang,slither. What was that?, crack,bang,slither there it goes again…What was that. And then all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, i saw it, the thing i have been dreading ever since i read that horrid story. It had eyes as dark as death,a body as slippy as soap and it was after me.Why me? I ran as fast as
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